About Me

I’m Ross Tollefson, the owner and sole proprietor of Past9 Systems.

I live in sunny Aurora, Colorado, but I work with clients from all over.

I’ve been writing software for four and a half years (not including dabbling as a teenager). I got into software engineering when I picked up PHP web development early in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I started out freelancing, building applications for local businesses, then moved into a full-time job a year later. Since then, I’ve held several positions that have given me a wide array of experience across the entire software stack.

I’ve maintained and rewritten legacy software, scratch-built entire new business applications from the database to the user interface, created command-line tools to speed development, and written a content management system from scratch.

Software engineering is more than a job to me–it’s also my favorite hobby. I’m a language junkie. Aside from my primary languages (C#, PHP, and Rust), I’ve dabbled in Go, D, Nim, Kotlin, Scala, Haskell, and more. While I’m selective about which languages I choose for my day-to-day work, I find that every additional one introduces unique concepts that give me new perspectives when working with my primary languages.

I’m always looking for new and interesting projects, and I look forward to speaking with you about yours.