How it Works

Initial Consultation

Once you’ve contacted me about a potential project, we’ll schedule an initial meeting by phone or video chat (or we can meet in person if you’re in the Denver area). This meeting will help me get an overall feel for your needs and the scope of your project.

Project Planning

In this phase, we’ll work together to draw up a detailed plan for your project. I’ll gather your requirements and put together a list of all the tasks involved in building what you have in mind. If your project needs a user interface (i.e., it’s not a library or API), the plan will include wireframes of the screens required.

This phase will typically consist of several revisions until you agree that the plan encompasses all of your needs. Once the plan is agreed upon, I’ll give you a fixed price for development. Once development starts, this price will only change if you alter the scope of the project at a later date (i.e., you realize it needs additional features).

Choose a Developer

With the project plan in hand, you’re free to choose any developer you wish to build it. The plan is free whether you decide to work with me or not, and my price is guaranteed for 60 days after the plan is complete.


I’ll build your project complete with documentation and a comprehensive test suite. You’ll have access to the source code during and after development, and I’ll give you regular updates on my progress.


Once you’re happy with the product, I’ll turn all the source code over to you. If it’s a public-facing application, I’ll help you set up web hosting (if needed) and any other technical tasks related to deployment.

Warranty Period

Before I start your project, we’ll agree on a warranty period during which any bug fixes are free. This is typically 90 days and starts on the day after your launch date.

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