VideoMon is a set of applications and libraries used for displaying live video from CCTV cameras. It was built at the request of a Security Electronics Integrator (CML Security, LLC) for use in high-security environments such as prisons. It includes a custom-built video player that can be controlled over a serial connection when an end client requires that the CCTV network be isolated from the controls network (which includes intercoms, door locks, etc.). The video player also allows users to control digital and physical PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) movements of connected cameras.

Because its operation is so dependent on external hardware, it was not possible to create meaningful automated tests for the software. A comprehensive application was built alongside VideoMon that not only allows thorough manual testing, but makes it easy to train CML Security employees on the core concepts, architecture, and usage of the software.

Demonstration of controlling physical and digital PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) on a connected camera

VideoMon camera grid

A 2x2 camera grid displaying live feeds from three different cameras during testing

VideoMon test environment

The VideoMon Test Environment showing network configuration and logging

Agent’s Corner

Agent’s Corner is a web application used by a logistics company to track the location and status of ocean cargo shipments. It allows searching and updating of shipment data aggregated from a variety of third-party data sources. It provides employees with critical details such as estimated time of arrival and whether a shipment contains hazardous materials. Agent’s Corner is written in C#/.NET on the server and the user interface is a single-page AngularJS application.

Agent's Corner shipment data

Displaying a list of booked cargo shipments

Agent's Corner shipment details

Displaying shipment details

Agent's Corner location picker

Custom-built location search widget

Agent's Corner date picker

Custom-built date picker widget

Agent's Corner time picker

Custom-built time picker widget

VehicleExam is a web application that allows a mobile vehicle inspection company to collect and fill inspection orders online. It includes a public-facing website where customers can order on-location inspections for a vehicle and an administrative dashboard where inspectors can enter inspection results and send them back to the customer. Orders are automatically delegated to inspectors serving the area in which they are ordered. is written in PHP.

VehicleExam home page

Public website frontend built on a custom content management system

VehicleExam dashboard

Private administrative dashboard showing service area mapping tools